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Who We Are

We are a group of motivated and prioneering high school students from different backgrounds that came together to make a difference. 

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Founder, CEO, CFO

Hello, I am Luca Angelini. I attend the Hopkins School in New Haven, Connecticut. I am a third generation Italian immigrant whose interests lie in business, finance, and entrepreneurship. Similarly, I am also a student at LaunchX and a part of the Equitiks team. On the Equitiks team, I am a researcher, software developer, and leader. 



Founder, COO

Hello, my name is Alvin Lee and I am a South Korean student attending Pomfret School in Connecticut. I am interested in a multitude of activities including but not limited to sports, engineering, and mathematics. I aspire to pursue a career in the field of entrepreneurship and in Equitiks, I play the role of prototyper and leader.


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Founder, VP

Hi, my name is Xennia Li. I study at the No.2 High School of East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. I am a young entrepreneur devoted to seeking sustainable development around the globe. My interests include economics, social science, and environmental science. I am also a part of the LaunchX program, and the role I play on the Equitiks team is organizer, speaker, and researcher.


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Founder, CTO

Hi, I’m Leo Shen and I study in Beijing. I am an entrepreneur who aspires to promote equity and resolve people’s pain points in different fields. I’m a programmer and researcher on the Equitiks team. I am also passionate about technology and programming. I hope to contribute my knowledge to change the world.

+82 135 5298 1303

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